Election Day: Resources for ELLs

If you are interested in bringing the local, state, or presidential election to your classroom, try some of these resources! We've included links to children's booklists, lesson plans and multimedia activities you can use in the classroom - including lots of resources targeted towards English language learners (ELLs).

For resources focusing on discussing the election results and addressing student questions and concerns, see After the Election: Ideas and Guidance for Teachers of ELLs.

2016 Campaign & Election: Resources for Students

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Elections: Resources for Kids

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Books & Authors

Featured Video: Janet Wong reads "Liberty"

Poet Janet Wong reads and discusses her poem "Liberty", which is featured in Poems to Learn by Heart.


Reading Rockets offers the following two great booklists about elections and U.S. Presidents:

Hail to the Chief

It's election time! Read about the history of voting, presidential trivia, or a duck who thinks he should be in charge — and don't forget to vote!


Inside the White House

Next month our country will elect a new president. There will be new residents in the White House in Washington, DC. Why are there elections? What does the President do? Who were some of the young, unusual, or past residents of the presidential mansion? Read about the White House in fact and fiction — and meet a variety of presidents in the pages of these books!