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"I fell in love with Spanish...on 'Sesame Street'"

"I sometimes dream in Spanish," wrote Bakir Brown. "I was first introduced and fell in love with the language by watching 'Sesame Street.' I just loved how the words just literally rolled off the tongue. It was beautiful. I still remember (how) the skit from so long ago taught me my first Spanish words, "abierto" and "cerrado" -- "open" and "closed." Brown was among scores of readers who responded to a question about languages CNN Opinion posed as part of an op-ed by Reyna Grande, author of the memoirs "The Distance Between Us" and "A Dream Called Home," about her experience in the US school system after leaving Mexico.

This Northern Va. student won the $250,000 prize in a top science competition

In sixth grade, Ana Humphrey attended the nation's oldest and most prestigious high school science competition and was inspired after speaking with a student who claimed the top prize that year. Humphrey left that year with dreams of conducting her own research. On Tuesday night, at a black-tie gala inside a soaring hall at the National Building Museum in Washington, the 18-year-old from the city of Alexandria, Va., was awarded the $250,000 top prize at the Regeneron Science Talent Search. Humphrey is the only student from her high school in at least the past decade to place in the competition’s top 10.

Leaders to Learn From: Angela Ward, A Leader in Cultural Proficiency

Claiming a city — or a school — is inclusive doesn’t make it so, says Angela Ward, the supervisor of race and equity programs in the Austin Independent school district. Building environments where everyone feels valued and supported takes a commitment to challenging, thoughtful work, she believes. Ward, a Texas native and former teacher, offers professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators, helping them to understand the way their own identities affect how they teach, interact with students, and lead schools. And she works with community organizations interested in equity to represent the interests of students and to build cooperative programs. And her work complements and enhances the district’s efforts to promote social-emotional learning.