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This Teacher's Mission Is Readying Minority Students for Calculus Class

It's a Saturday afternoon at Boston University's School of Education, where Elliot Kastner, a former Dartmouth College football player turned mechanical engineer, is addressing a group of students. He works through the geometry, the engineering and the many failures that led to his developing a tackling robot now used for football practice in the NFL and the NCAA. Adrian Mims looks on with a smile. He's a big fan of football — it's a game day and he’s wearing a Patriots T-shirt. And since 2009, Mims has made it his mission to use experiences like this one to help African-American and Latino students get to the highest heights of high school math with The Calculus Project.

How A Hands-On High School Veterinary Program Is Enriching Navajo Students

Kids don't learn unless they get a little dirty. That's the philosophy of the man who runs the career and technical education program at Monument Valley High School in Kayenta, Arizona, where students from the Navajo Nation get hands-on instruction in caring for animals. Special correspondent Lisa Stark of Education Week reports on how the program prepares students for careers, college and more.

Immigrant Children Are Using Comic Books to Express Their Fears of Deportation

Students surround the tables at the Mighty Writers El Futuro location in South Philly. The tables are covered with paint sets, piles of colored paper, and thought bubbles to help the kids decorate their comic strips. Mighty Writers is helping Philadelphia Latino children create comics to express what it's like to live while fearing a family member will be deported.

Why Language Learning Apps Haven't Helped Struggling ELL Students

Anthony Barela, a principal at Vista High School in California, has been searching for technology tools to help ELLs and their teachers. "How can we give our students access to information, so it doesn’t have to exhaust the teachers too?" asks Barela. Technology can help make differentiated classroom instruction easier for teachers, he says. But he also hopes to bring culturally relevant content that is relatable for students into classrooms. "The thing that is often hard to find is the cultural component," says Barela. "If you don't have a social or emotional connection, you can have all the software in the world but never move forward."

'A Sense of Place' Will Showcase Poetry from International Students

Writing poetry can be challenging in itself, but writing it an unfamiliar language presents a whole new level of difficulty. Twelve international students from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have accepted this challenge. "This event [A Sense of Place] is different because we recite in English, our second language, about things that are so dear to us," Serbian-born sophomore Nina Radulovic said. "It's the perfect opportunity for everyone to see international students' diversity and share it with the campus community."

Fearing Deportation, Immigrant Families in Tri-State Are Forgoing Needed Food Benefits

Some immigrants in the tri-state area are giving up free food from the government and charitable groups, saying they'd rather risk hunger than deportation.  Several local anti-poverty groups tell the I-Team their immigrant clients are asking for help getting off the food stamp rolls because they fear accepting the benefit will expose them to scrutiny from federal immigration officials. 

Kindergarten Bill Becomes Rare Instance of Bipartisanship in N.H. Legislature

Tuesday saw Gov. Chris Sununu's maiden visit to testify before a legislative committee, on a bill to expand full-day kindergarten to more school districts. And from the start, Sununu made it clear he sees the policy as one that could define his time as governor. Sununu’s proposal, which would target aid based on a community’s tax base, its number of low-income students and those who speak English as a second language, cleared the state Senate, 21-2.

How War and Years of Lost Education Have Devastated Syrian Children — And What Can Be Done to Help

More than a third of schools in Syria have closed since the war began six years ago; a recent report found more than 1.7 million children and youth are not attending classes. David Miliband of the International Rescue Committee joins Judy Woodruff to discuss the devastating effects of trauma and the long-term consequences of a generation of children missing out on quality education.