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The Monumental Task of Reopening Puerto Rico's Schools

The schools in Puerto Rico are facing massive challenges. All the public schools are without electricity, and more than half don't have water. More than 100 are still functioning as shelters. But Puerto Rico's Secretary of Education, Julia Keleher, tells us that the schools that are open are serving as connection points for communities. They've become a place where children and their families can eat a hot meal and get some emotional support, too.

Here's How Teachers Can Help With Disaster Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico

An Education Week reporter and photojournalist went to Puerto Rico this month to see firsthand the devastation on the island after Hurricane Maria. They learned that the island's education secretary hasn't even heard from 20 percent of Puerto Rico's nearly 1,200 schools, and many people are still struggling to access basic supplies, including food and water. When Education Week shared these stories on social media, readers wanted to know: How can we help? People asked about sending supplies. Teachers even asked if they could travel to the island to teach while schools and communities rebuilt. Here are some ways educators can help.

They've Got Moxie | In Conversation with Celia C. Pérez and Jennifer Mathieu

Celia C. Pérez and Jennifer Mathieu, authors of the recently published The First Rule of Punk (Viking, Aug. 2017; Gr 4-7) and Moxie (Roaring Brook, Sept. 2017; Gr 8 Up), respectively offer middle grade and young adult readers complex protagonists who express themselves and their incipient feminism and activism through zines.

Latino Students Earning Degrees at Faster Rate But Still Falling Behind Their Peers in College, New Research Shows

Latino students have been making progress in college and earning degrees at a faster rate than in the past, but not at nearly the same rates as their peers, a new report shows. Even as Latinos move up the educational ladder, whites and blacks are outpacing them, which will leave them at a disadvantage as the economy increasingly demands degrees in exchange for decent jobs.

Activist Alma Zamudio, 'Guiding North Star' For Latino Rights, Dead at 26

To those who knew her, Alma Zamudio embodied the heart of Chicago just as much as the neighborhood where she died. A passionate community organizer, Zamudio advocated for better wages for migrant workers and lobbied in Springfield for college grants for first-generation students. Her research helped resurrect the No. 31 bus, providing much-needed public transit for Little Village. "She was so young," Maria Zamudio said of her sister. "But I think she touched more lives in those 26 years than some people will in their lifetime."

Early Bilingualism Helps With Learning Languages Later in Life, Study Shows

Bilingual people may be better equipped to learn new languages than those who only speak one language, according to a study published in the academic journal Bilingualism: Language and Cognition. The research points to a distinct language-learning benefit for people who grow up bilingual or learn another language at an early age.

For Traumatized Children, An Offer of Help From the Muppets

Sesame Workshop is known for teaching preschoolers letters and numbers. But those familiar furry characters are also taking on tougher topics, says Jeanette Betancourt of Sesame Workshop. In the past two years, Sesame in Communities has addressed the incarceration of a parent and bereavement, partnering with local organizations to share directly with families affected. Its latest focus is the impacto of trauma on children. New bilingual materials in English and Spanish, including videos, books and games, will be released today to help parents and caregivers, in turn, help young children cope with traumatic experiences.