Creating a Welcoming Environment for ELLs and Immigrant Students: Strategies and Resources

What can educators do to make English language learners (ELLs) and immigrant students feel welcome within the school community?  Here are some of our most popular resources on the topic, along with related resources. 

We also include a list of organizations that have related lesson plans on race, civil rights, and immigration, as well as booklists for kids and teens.

Making Students Feel Welcome

What to do first: Creating a welcoming classroom environment

Strategies for ELLs

Supporting Immigrant Students and Families

Strategies for Welcoming Families

Addressing Bullying and Bias

Talking about Tough Topics in the News

Mental Health Resources

Classroom Connections

In addition to the lesson plans organized by topic below, we recommend Larry Ferlazzo's series of guests posts on teaching controversial topics in the classroom from Education Week.

Lesson Plans: Immigration

Lesson Plans & Booklists: Race and Civil Rights

Lesson Plans: Charlottesville, VA

Booklists for Kids and Teens

ELL, Immigrant, and Refugee Stories: Books for Kids